Just 33 girls today lead Fortune 500 businesses. And that is a record high.


Next month, there’ll be many more women CEOs of Fortune 500 businesses than ever before, according to Fortune.

That is up from the previous record of 32 from 2017 and up from 24 final years.

That is fantastic news.

But let us put some perspective about the record high: Girls still represent only 6.6percent of Fortune 500 CEOs.

The most recent jump is a result of a few aspects, Fortune noticed.

Three Fortune 500 firms named girls CEOs lately. Corie Barry takes the helm at Best Buy in June; Kathy Warden currently runs Northrop Grumman, and Beth Ford contributes Land O’Lakes.

Another two businesses that already had girls at the helm — Williams-Sonoma and Advanced Micro Devices — entered the Fortune 500, which counts companies with earnings north of $5.575 billion.

And that week, Bed Bath & Beyond called Mary Winston as its interim CEO.

The road to getting more women CEOs remains a lengthy one. Corporate boards are more curious than ever in fostering diversity. And organizations such as the team Chief are springing up to better help the progress of women executives into the top rankings.

So that can help push the ball ahead concerning gender diversity on the very top. However, concerning girls of color serving as Fortune 500 firms? That is still slim pickings.

And this past year, two girls CEOs of color hauled down — Indra Nooyi of both Pepsi and Geisha Williams of PG&E.

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